Accounting Service

1) Accounting

  • Collection, Classification and Computer Registration of Documentation Accounting Support (including control of fixed assets);
  • Compliance with all Periodic Tax Obligations related to Accounting;
  • Conference of Third Party Current Accounts (customers and suppliers);
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation and Cash Funds Conference;
  • Monthly Financial Analysis;
  • Annual Closing of Accounting;
  • Support in the preparation of the Annual Management Report (and respective annexes), minutes, among others of equal obligation.

2) Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing in Management and Treasury Support:
    • Administrative (in terms of the organization of documentary support for accounting and issuing invoices);
    • Treasury (payments: taxes, salaries and suppliers);

3) Taxation

  • Tax Advice / Consultancy;
  • Delivery of all Periodic Tax Liabilities (Model 10, VAT, PEC, …);
  • Preparation of the Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flows, attachments, …);
  • Delivery of the Annual Tax Declarations to the Tax Authority (Model 22, Model 30, IES, …).

4) Human Resources

  • Salary Processing;
  • Compliance with all Declarative Obligations before the Tax and Social Security Authority;
  • Human Resources Database Management;
  • Support in preparing the Anual Single Report.

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